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MDD with Visual Studio Tutorial

This project is a tutorial on creating MDD solutions using Visual Studio 2012.
The tutorial shows how an UML activity diagram can be used to model human business workflows.
With the help of UML profile we tailor standard UML actvity diagram to a more specific human workflow DSL.

Beside UML representation, we show how can someone build a internal DSL and external textual DSL to describe the workflow.
The internal DSL is based on the method chaining pattern (fluent interface).
The external DSL is based on a parser created with Irony.

The tutorial gives examples to different strategies to implement the workflow using code generators.
The presented strategies are as follows:
  • simple generated code implementation
  • generated code to configure a human workflow framework
  • generated code to configure the framework with internal DSL
  • generated code to configure the framework with external textual DSL

A preview version of the documentation can be found here:

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